July 24, 2010

Overview of Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Courses
Distance Learning Courses
Despite of the constant efforts made in reforming worsening scenario of education in post-independence India, only a 3rd fraction of the Indian population has been able to purchase itself educated. According to a recent analysis, only 12% of the college children continue his or her analysis till 10th normal and getting ready most effective 10% of the people eligible to take admission in universities buy themselves enrolled in one those 18600 colleges and 360 universities. It has been said that introduction of distance learning program will bring a revolution in the academic scenario of India. Do you actually feel it is very going to bring a modify in the existing education technique prevailing in our country? Or such conventional paths is ready to really take the scale up to meet the educational challenges?

Overview of Distance Learning Courses in India

Distance education is frequently referred as distance learning where the mode of learning differs from a established style of obtaining education from a regular classroom attendance. The scope and requirement of distance learning has greatly increased in the final couple of years, thanks to students entering in tasks at younger age before having their studies finished. Distance Learning Method in India is well coordinated and promoted by The Council of Distance Education, which was formed under the Act of Indira Gandhi Open University, in 1985. The organization also works for strengthening and improving the factors of distance learning in the country.

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