June 30, 2010

Career in Human Resources

To pursue a career in human resources, you need to maintain a MBA degree with a specialization in Human Resources. HR Management is a function of organization is primarily concerned with the placement, recruitment, training, transfer, promotion and labor disputes, and labor discipline, and complaints, the morale of staff and organizational development.

Human Resources Career
Career in Human Resources
You need to be good with people, have an understanding of human psychology, the ability to move forward with all kinds of people regardless of age, class, social background or educational level, and have organizational skills, administrative and settlement problems.

Your hard work is training in a hotel management career. The management training that you mentioned is probably what you would get at the hotel once they have qualified in Hotel Management. You therefore have to decide if the hotel experience you should continue with training in hotel management or take specialized MBA in human resources.

It is important to take a career for which you have the ability and interest. A B.Tech degree will take you to a race that will work with equipment or tools in technical or industrial environment. You should also have above average numeracy and be prepared to work anywhere an engineering unit or factory can be located, sometimes in remote areas or industrial cities.

If you are interested in engineering, this is undoubtedly the way forward, and then can be combined with an MBA, M.Tech or after some years of work. On the other hand, if you are creative, have good knowledge and imagination drawing a high level of practicality, the skill, precision, power, understanding, ability to observe and conceptualize then a career as an architect may be the preferred option. The B.Arch program provides comprehensive coverage of knowledge about art and graphics, history of architecture, architectural design, architectural structures, surveying, computer applications, construction of buildings, materials, planning and interior design. Once qualified as an architect, you can work in an architectural firm in collaboration with other architects, or the creation of their practice. In the last five years, there has been a great demand for good architects like India considers that the construction activity considerable. Therefore, this thought is given by one and make a decision. The AIEEE website provides a list of schools based on their grade.

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